Distance Learning signup deadline: 7/19

Distance Learning signup deadline: 7/19

See below for information from Mr. Stephenson regarding distance learning:
As BCSS has announced, parents may choose to have their children placed in a distance learning environment to start the year. Additionally, should we have to change our alert level to a “yellow”, then parents will again be able to opt into the distance learning environment. When a child opts into distance learning, they are committed to the first 9 weeks.

To sign up for distance learning, please click on one of these links:

–English: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=noJuhJQ2vkKeh2y7Pidly0-3Go1znYRAhaL3lDIuNOtUMEI2M0lZQjZXT05GVzFYWUZDM0NaNDJUUy4u

–Spanish: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=noJuhJQ2vkKeh2y7Pidly-DFRuGODW9OoTX11S7ZOQNUMkM4Vk1KM0g1MFBXVEM4STc3TkxPNzRCQi4u

To ensure as strong a learning experience for BOTH distance and in-person learners, we are striving to have our own Woodland teachers deliver all instruction, regardless of the learning format. Please know that some classes may not be available through distance learning. At this point, we know that at WHS we will not be able to provide:

Weight Training
Sustainable Agriculture
The following BCCCA classes: Welding, Auto, HVAC, CAN

We will do everything we can to provide an opportunity for distance learners to access remaining courses, but please understand that courses are subject to sufficient enrollment, staffing, etc.

As we build your child’s distance learning schedule, we will obviously prioritize graduation and progress requirements, and a counselor or administrator will work with you to address any obstacles. I ask fo your patience as schedules are built. We may not have student schedules available until the week that school starts.

Please know that a parent or guardian is expected to attend a Distance Learning Orientation at WHS prior to the start of Distance Learning. We will hold multiple sessions in order to promote social distancing. At this session, both parent and child will be fully informed on the technology, logistics, and expectations of the distance learning program.

We will share more information in about 1 week, once we have received all distance learning sign-ups.