YouScience helps our students chart their path from ‘I don’t know’ to post-secondary pursuits and career confidence and success. By completing a series of fun and engaging ‘brain-games’, students learn what their natural strengths are, and how they can leverage these strengths in post-secondary pursuits and beyond. YouScience combines decades of rigorous scientific research and cutting-edge matching algorithms to uniquely identify the intersection of your students’ strengths, passions, and future opportunities.

Our school has partnered with YouScience to bring your students data-driven insights about themselves and their future.

What YouScience Provides Students
• Aptitude assessments that use engaging exercises rather than self-reported surveys
• Personalized feedback on natural abilities including self-language, tips, and aptitude descriptions
• Up to date information on approximately 500 careers including job forecasts, education investments, and a personalized FIT profile to specific careers
• Engaging results interface that guides students to build a comprehensive education & career readiness plan
• Downloadable reports that make it easy to share information with educators and parents
• Easy to use self-language to improve college application essays, resumes, interviews and recommendation letters
• Continued access to the YouScience Profile for the next 10 years
View the video below for an in-depth look at interpreting your results.